Mom guilt.

Yes I brought up the elephant in the room. As a mom I know I have my share of mom guilt. I am constantly thinking about whether I made the right decision to put my daughter in day care and pursue a career. I’m constantly wondering about how I use all my energy at work and come home less patient and with a lot less energy, to a toddler who deserves and is desiring my attention.

So I started trying some strategies to help de-stress my 9-5.

Schedule Time 

I often leave very early to work so I make sure to spend time with my daughter at night. This way, I am able to get updates on what’s going on with her and let her know that she is special to me. 

Schedule “Fun” Into Your Lunch Break


If you have an hour long lunch, eat light, and use the rest of the time for an adventure. When you give yourself projects to complete, you feel like you’ve accomplished something that is personally meaningful to you and you get some much-needed-alone time with yourself to enjoy your company without being around your co-workers or your family.

Listen To Podcasts 

When you have the opportunity, listen to inspiration instead of just listening to music all the time. A podcast can be funny, encouraging, or even about parenting. Choose a podcast that fills you up and makes you feel like a better person and a better mom.


The most important thing is creating your own definition of a stress-free life. If you do your best to spend quality time with your child, and you work had at creating joyful moments while at work, you will find that your 9-5 is a lot less stressful and a lot more enjoyable.

What are some other recommendations you would add to this list?