When I gave birth to my daughter Nazanin I knew things were going to change in my life but I didn’t realize just how significantly. My son was 19 months old, my husband and I had both been in our respective careers for several years and we were pretty much ok with the path we were on. I was stunned when I saw the significant changes giving birth to my little girl would trigger in my life and the clarity I would experience as a result of those changes. One of the biggest changes was my decision to start on a path to entrepreneurship and I chose blogging as my main road in! This has not been an easy feat but extremely rewarding and a great learning experience. Here are three gems I’ve picked up since my giving birth to my daughter and my dreams! 

Mama, Value and Manage Your Time
I had 9 weeks of maternity leave which was awesome but as the end approached I knew I wanted to stay home with my kids. I felt this way with my son but it was amplified after I had my daughter because now there were two smiling faces that I would be leaving and two sets of milestones I would miss. So I decided to start blogging with the intent of monetization. I’ll get more into the ‘why’ later in this article but making this decision also made me realize I would have to be meticulous with my time in order to accomplish my goal. Currently I am juggling my ministry, family responsibilities, my 9-5, and my passion project which is blogging about natural hair.

I can’t front and say that nothing is slipping through the cracks because that would be dishonest but I do know there is a way to balance everything through good planning. Some of the tools and systems I have tried are bullet journaling, Do it Tomorrow apps, a chalkboard for planning the day and making fuller use of the calendar app on my phone. I am still trying to find what truly works but I can certainly see improvement.

Get Excited, Do Something
Now back to blogging for monetization. I have been on my natural hair journey for almost 7 years and I wanted to blog about it early on but I never took the leap. I was always excited about natural hair but I was not excited enough to do more with that passion and make it work for me. So when I got a notification on Facebook this past July about a page I started in 2012, BeeMoreNatural, the timing could not have been better. Instead of being depressed about going back to my 9-5 and leaving my babies, I was excited about a chance to pursue something I loved and still help with providing for our family. This leads to me to the final and most important gem having my daughter brought me.

Work it Girl (Have Confidence)
A big part of what held me back from pursuing any full time blogging opportunities was serious self-doubt. Is my hair nice enough? Can I write well enough? Do I take good care enough pictures? Will people even follow me? These questions plagued me for years and stifled the excitement I had for engaging with the natural community and creating my platform. This lack of confidence also led to a lot of procrastination. But I realized that my two little munchkins are looking at me for an example. My husband does a pretty exceptional job at setting an example for my son as the head of our household, a spiritual man and provider but what kind of example was I going to set for my daughter if I was wasting time, uninspired and insecure? I knew something had to change and this was it!

My ‘Why’

Blogging about my hair journey has been both therapeutic and educational. It has given me a much needed outlet. It has also taught me the importance of holding onto my passions and using my children as motivation to crush my goals even harder rather than let myself be so consumed with motherhood that I let them go. Motherhood is the greatest gift but it is also one of the most challenging. I almost became complacent, OK with just getting by and accepting my life for what it was and not being an active player in making it what I wanted it to be. Now I know that it is so important not to let those feelings plant roots because they not only make me miserable but they can effect how I raise my kids.

So here I am, writing my first guest blog and sharing my story with you. Let me tell you I am so excited to build my online tribe, and I am especially excited to connect with other mamas with natural hair. As my children grow up I hope they are proud of me as a mother and I pray that I set an example worthy of imitation for my daughter. I hope you can find value in these gems that will share with my baby girl and apply them in your journey through motherhood and wherever that may lead you.