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Three Myths About Mother’s Day Shattered…And The One Gift That Wins Every Time

I know a couple that has been together close to 15 years. Every special holiday- birthdays, Mother’s Day, or Father’s Day, they spend it apart. He will get his wife a hotel room in the city. One year, she bought him a canoe and sent him to Florida alone for a week to go fishing. In my singledom, childless days, I would have most certainly been offended by this. I mean, wasn’t that the point in being in a relationship- to be able to do everything together, especially on the “special” days. Yea…I was wrong. Now as a mother, I get it. I mean, I really get it. And since we have only two days left until Mother’s Day, I am going to dispel three myths about Mother’s Day (or any other gender specific holiday) that we have come to believe . If you find yourself unable to come clean with your partner about what you really want for Mother’s Day, just kindly leave this article open on the computer, share it on your social media outlets, or send it via email.

I have spent year after year watching Belk commercials where their perfect actor portrayed husband has surprised mom with breakfast in bed, new shoes in the closet, jewelry, perfume, and happy cute perfect little kids waiting downstairs with a big sign and a dog that tells her she rocks.

“The reality of Mother’s Day though is normally a card with bad graphics that says something like- Hey, love ya, thanks for birthing all these babies and some flowers that will wilt in a week.”

Speaking of cards and flowers…

Cards And Flowers Are Not A Suitable Mother’s Day Gift

Yes, I said it. Sue me. Cards and flowers are not a suitable Mother’s Day gift if that is all you are packing. Cards and flowers do not have the ability to stand alone as the end all gift for Mother’s Day. Why? Because cards and flowers take little to no effort to do. They basically scream: THIS WAS SO DAMN LAST MINUTE. Every single Hallmark commercial has lied to you. Here’s the thing, we mothers do a lot to keep our families happy. It takes plenty of effort, hard work, and thought. Every. Single. Day. And popular to what you may think, we need a pat on the back every so often to tell us we have done a good job. Mother’s Day is that required pat on the back. Make it count. Put some thought and effort into your gift. If you want to add a card and flowers to something more dramatic then go for it but if you walk in your house and that is all your holding…well, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

It’s The Thought That Counts…Not The Money

Speaking of gifts, there is a perfect win gift that will work almost every single time. It is a gift that will make her smile for the remainder of the month and will get you many praises. And guess what? You can literally use this same gift time and time again and I guarantee it will probably get you the same happy reaction. Every single time. Remember earlier in the article I talked about that couple who spent time apart for special holidays? It wasn’t because they do not love each other or do not want to be around each other. It is because they are both aware of how necessary alone time is. The gift of time is one that is priceless. Since I don’t have much time to waste, I will just say it- mommies just want to relax. We do not want to cook breakfast, lunch, or dinner for you on Mother’s Day. We do not want to wash dishes or change a diaper. We want to sleep in, watch junk tv, walk around naked, and laugh for no reason. Laugh at the silence of our homes. Jump up and down on the sofa…ok, maybe I am going too far but you get it. 

If you are on a budget this year which is completely understandable, pack the kids up in the car and leave mom alone for a few hours. A few hours meaning a 5 hour minimum. We need at least two hours to nap, one hour to wake up and get comfortable, one hour to do whatever we want, and one hour to prepare ourselves for your return. If you want to be the real MVP, you can shoot for anywhere between six to eight hours of complete peace and tranquility. 

If budget is not a huge concern, send mom to a breakfast alone, a midday movie , and a spa appointment in the afternoon. You guys can eat dinner together (provided by you, Dad) as your family time. But believe me, all moms crave alone time on these special days. Sometimes we just do not have the heart to tell you. 

When In Doubt, Just Ask

Just because you are married, does not mean that you have to be a mind reader. That is also the benefit of being married- you literally get to do this every year for the rest of your natural life. Why  not take the first couple of times and make sure you get it right forever? If you are not sure what to get your partner for Mother’s Day, do not feel afraid to just ask what it is she may want. I know this is supposedly the unwritten rule of holiday seasons but in reality, we want you to ask. Especially if you have spent the past few years bringing us flowers and cards…bless your heart. So open your mouth and just ask. You may be surprised at how simple of a gift she may actually want. Good luck!

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What has been your most memorable Mother’s Day gift? 

Shanicia Boswell

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