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  • 9 Easy Tips For Stress Free Potty Training

    9 Easy Tips For Stress Free Potty Training0

    photo credit: @paxton.beau   Potty training can be one of the most intimidating experiences in parenthood. Parents are bombarded with advice, shamed for not doing it in enough time, and pressured to use certain methods. Not to mention, the joy of buying those cute little newborn diapers are long gone and now you are just

  • 11 Black Authors You Should Know

    11 Black Authors You Should Know0

      Story time is an essential part of our day. We read anywhere from two to three books each day and as a Black mom, sometimes I have an extremely hard time finding books that reflect who my daughter is. So I end up gravitating to animal books or books about creatures that are not

  • #BlackDollsMatter: 15 Black Doll Makers You Should Know

    #BlackDollsMatter: 15 Black Doll Makers You Should Know0

      A couple of months ago, Kamryn and I were on the Marta train on our way home when this girl, no older than 9 years old, sat down next to us. I could tell she had just came from school because she was wearing her uniform and carrying her Frozen Princess Elsa backpack. I observed


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