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  • Mama Spring Style + Lily Jade Diaper Bag Giveaway

    Mama Spring Style + Lily Jade Diaper Bag Giveaway0

    We have finally made it out of the winter time blues! As a millennial mom, I always feel that I have to defend our want to be stylish and not fall into the “I’m a mom so I wear sweatpants everywhere I go” mentality. Just because we are mothers doesn’t mean we can’t own our

  • An Ode To Tiger Stripes

    An Ode To Tiger Stripes0

    Recently, we received a message on our Instagram page from one of our community members: ” You don’t see many women showing off their stripes anymore..now it’s about being that fit and in shape mom who takes her cocoa butter everywhere she goes..not saying it’s unrealistic, but I do believe it makes moms today hold

  • How I Was Able To Overcome Postpartum Depression

    How I Was Able To Overcome Postpartum Depression0

    I was 27 years old when I became pregnant with my son. I remembering feeling a wave of emotions , all the time and at the exact same time. I was nervous, excited and terrified. Growing up I always dreamed of becoming a mother. This was supposed to be exactly what I wanted…right? There’s a


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