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  • #Momfail…So, the Party was Yesterday?

    #Momfail…So, the Party was Yesterday?0

    I am good about scheduling events.  I try not to overbook, I give myself time to get lost, and I usually buy party gifts in advance to avoid last minute mishaps.   A few days before the latest preschool party, my husband brought home an invitation.  He told me he had already RSVP’d and the party was

  • Stillbirth Is Still A Birth

    Stillbirth Is Still A Birth0

    When it comes to the unconditional love that can exist between a mother and a daughter keeping the head above water requires more than general sayings. I have lost my mother when I was 12 years old and my daughter at the age of 25. After this second loss, I needed to find a specific

  • The Not So Ugly Step Mother

    The Not So Ugly Step Mother0

    Stepmom. That was a movie I used to watch as a child. When I say watch, I mean religiously. I loved Susan Sarandon & Julia Roberts; even as a child I empathized with Julia being the new woman & taking on the responsibility of getting someone else’s child to even like you. Even more awesome,


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