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  • Meet Our Moms: Dunnie Onasanya-Hasan

    Meet Our Moms: Dunnie Onasanya-Hasan0

      Being a business owner is no joke. Being a Black woman business owner is an entirely different ball game. Factor in being 26, married, and a new mommy and out comes Dunnie Onasanya-Hasan. Many probably know her due to her lavish events she has planned over the years, managing to take Los Angeles by storm.

  • Meet Our Moms: Tiffany Janay, Step Moms Are Moms Too

    Meet Our Moms: Tiffany Janay, Step Moms Are Moms Too0

    Did you know that 40% of married couples in the United States with children are stepfamilies?(www.smartstepfamilies.com). This number has tripled since the 1960’s. Even looking back on my life, three out of five of my friends have step parents. I was raised with a step father. Even though he has been in my life since

  • 9 Easy Tips For Stress Free Potty Training

    9 Easy Tips For Stress Free Potty Training0

    photo credit: @paxton.beau   Potty training can be one of the most intimidating experiences in parenthood. Parents are bombarded with advice, shamed for not doing it in enough time, and pressured to use certain methods. Not to mention, the joy of buying those cute little newborn diapers are long gone and now you are just

  • Inclusion: What Is Considered Enough

    Inclusion: What Is Considered Enough0

    It is no secret that African Americans are the least included group when it comes to nearly everything in our country. It is a large part of why this blog even exists. It is why #alllivesmatter is hashtagged when it comes to police brutality but #blacklivesmatter is so frowned upon. It is why we have

  • Toddler Thursdays At The High Museum

    Toddler Thursdays At The High Museum0

    The High Museum of Art is normally known for its aristocratic art pieces- sculptures from the biblical time period, Roman royalty, and featured works from some of the greats like Salvador Dali and the Habsburgs. Before having my daughter, I normally only went to the High Museum for their special events and never even considered


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