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  • Where To Go: Top 5 Kid Friendly Places To Visit In New York City

    Where To Go: Top 5 Kid Friendly Places To Visit In New York City0

    I am from NYC, one of the greatest tourist places in the world, but when you are from New York, you take all of the things everyone wish they had a chance to be a part of for granted. I have been saying for some time now, that I want to start doing tourist things in my

  • Yummy Banana Pancakes

    Yummy Banana Pancakes0

    Every now and again, I wake up in the morning with the urge to be creative at breakfast time. We are pretty slow risers so sometimes we don’t make it out of bed until close to 10:30am. So it may be better to call this a brunch instead of an actual breakfast. Hey, don’t judge

  • Yummy No Bake Veggie Frittata

    Yummy No Bake Veggie Frittata0

    I just want to start off by saying, if you have never had an egg frittata in your life, stop what you are doing, run to the store, buy these ingredients, and step into food HEAVEN. I absolutely love frittatas. They are yummy, easy to make, and a great way to stuff your veggies into


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