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  • Where To Go: Atlanta Public Fulton Library

    Where To Go: Atlanta Public Fulton Library0

     With the winter months finally upon us, I am always searching for something fun for Kamryn and I to do INSIDE. I admire you mamas who still bundle your kids up to play at the park when it is 32 degrees outside but…I am not about that life. I am from the South and in

  • Toddler Thursdays At The High Museum

    Toddler Thursdays At The High Museum0

    The High Museum of Art is normally known for its aristocratic art pieces- sculptures from the biblical time period, Roman royalty, and featured works from some of the greats like Salvador Dali and the Habsburgs. Before having my daughter, I normally only went to the High Museum for their special events and never even considered

  • Coloring Books Are For Rich Moms

    Coloring Books Are For Rich Moms0

    I am sure you are reading this title and laughing…or sitting there confused wondering, how broke is she? After buying coloring book after coloring book and watching Kamryn go through them in a matter of thirty minutes (she will scribble on each page and in some feeling of authority exclaim that she is finished) I

  • This Is Just The Beginning

    This Is Just The Beginning0

    Becoming a mother is like stumbling upon the world’s greatest secret. It is like you are being ushered into some sort of secret society where women are waiting for you with open arms…giving you tips and advice for things like how hellish your birth will be, how your vagina will never be the same, and how life


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