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  • Meet Our Moms: Shantae Pelt, Coco’Pie Clothing

    Meet Our Moms: Shantae Pelt, Coco’Pie Clothing0

    A significant part of Black Moms Blog is to highlight African American women who are homemakers, homeschoolers, entrepreneurs, and hard workers. It seems that we can be looked over in the media world. When the concept of my blog came into play, I googled different phrases like, Top 50 Mom Blogs To Follow (oh yes, I clicked

  • This Is Just The Beginning

    This Is Just The Beginning0

    Becoming a mother is like stumbling upon the world’s greatest secret. It is like you are being ushered into some sort of secret society where women are waiting for you with open arms…giving you tips and advice for things like how hellish your birth will be, how your vagina will never be the same, and how life


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