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  • 13 Aspects Of Life Women Should Appreciate More

    13 Aspects Of Life Women Should Appreciate More0

    My son has a fascination with hands. When my husband plays with him, he will wave his big hands over my son’s little face and baby boy starts squealing with joy! He will grasp at my husband’s hands like they are the most captivating and magnificent creations on the earth. Out of all the colorful,

  • Book Review: Ayo’s Money Jar

    Book Review: Ayo’s Money Jar0

    As parents, one of our main goals is to raise able bodied adults who can make life sustaining decisions. In our community though, teaching our children to manage finances most times end up at the bottom of that to do list. This is more circumstantial at times than intentional. If a family is struggling to

  • Age Approved Chores For Young Children

    Age Approved Chores For Young Children0

    Photo Credit: Yahimba Growing up, we were given many chores to do throughout the week, especially on Saturday mornings. Being raised in the country, meant being awakened to pull weeds outside, mow the grass (my brothers did this), vacuum the house, wash dishes, and hang fresh laundry to dry. Needless to say, as a child


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