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  • Age Approved Chores For Young Children

    Age Approved Chores For Young Children0

    Photo Credit: Yahimba Growing up, we were given many chores to do throughout the week, especially on Saturday mornings. Being raised in the country, meant being awakened to pull weeds outside, mow the grass (my brothers did this), vacuum the house, wash dishes, and hang fresh laundry to dry. Needless to say, as a child

  • Product Review: The Puff Cuff

    Product Review: The Puff Cuff0

    My daughter has a lot of hair. I say that with gratitude but also with slight annoyance. I have heard numerous times that I should just put a perm in her hair to make her life (and mine) easier but I am a believer in natural hair. As a woman with Locs too, I could

  • The Rundown on Aralyte: The Organic Method of Early Peanut Introduction

    The Rundown on Aralyte: The Organic Method of Early Peanut Introduction0

    This blog post is sponsored by Aralyte. All opinions expressed are my own. Have you ever known someone with a peanut allergy? With all of the preparation and research many new mothers do, food allergens are definitely at the top of the list. Having a peanut allergy can make it very difficult for a child


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