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  • Book Review: Mitch With An Itch

    Book Review: Mitch With An Itch0

    It is estimated that Eczema affects 10% of infants and newborns. If you are unfamiliar with what Eczema is, it is a medical condition in which patches of skin become rough or inflamed. Many children who suffer from Eczema, are teased and bullied because they are different. Not only are they suffering from the physical painREAD MORE
  • 5 Life Lessons I Learned Through Child Labor

    5 Life Lessons I Learned Through Child Labor0

    Becoming a mom was probably one of the most pivotal moments of my life. Everything changed- some for the good, some for the uncomfortable and some for the different. Child labor is also one of the most difficult things I have experienced. It was almost like an outer body experience and I was sitting there,


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