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  • Meet Our Moms: Shantae Pelt, Coco’Pie Clothing

    Meet Our Moms: Shantae Pelt, Coco’Pie Clothing0

    A significant part of Black Moms Blog is to highlight African American women who are homemakers, homeschoolers, entrepreneurs, and hard workers. It seems that we can be looked over in the media world. When the concept of my blog came into play, I googled different phrases like, Top 50 Mom Blogs To Follow (oh yes, I clicked

  • Yummy Black Bean Burgers

    Yummy Black Bean Burgers0

      I have seen black bean burgers for years…and would keep it moving. As great as they looked, I did not understand how bean burgers could be tasty until I actually had one. The first time I tried a black bean burger was at the Atlanta Zoo. Food and animals do not really mix for

  • Red Pepper & Onion Brussels Sprouts

    Red Pepper & Onion Brussels Sprouts0

      I am a huge fan of brussels sprouts and attempt to eat them with every meal that I can. Unfortunately my family does not share my enthusiasm for these little balls of cabbage so I am constantly trying out new ways to make them tasty. I love red pepper and purple onions just as

  • Toddler Thursdays At The High Museum

    Toddler Thursdays At The High Museum0

    The High Museum of Art is normally known for its aristocratic art pieces- sculptures from the biblical time period, Roman royalty, and featured works from some of the greats like Salvador Dali and the Habsburgs. Before having my daughter, I normally only went to the High Museum for their special events and never even consideredREAD MORE
  • Hearty Coconut Tomato Bisque

    Hearty Coconut Tomato Bisque0

      This is my first food recipe…do not stone me if this is hard to comprehend. I am notorious for being a non-measurer when it comes to food cooking so having to be so precise with my measurements and time conscious with my food, it was a serious adjustment. But here goes nothing. I hope someone

  • Sneaky Vegetables

    Sneaky Vegetables0

       Vegetables.  Every kid’s kryptonite…every parent’s struggle. It is like children have a sensor to run from anything green. It was not always this way and a part of me thought that we would be so lucky to skip the “I hate my vegetables” stage of life but like fate, it came in one cold


Hi, I’m Shanicia! I live in Atlanta, GA. I’m a fulltime mom to one pretty rambuncious little girl. I love cooking, coloring Mandalas, and reading. To find out why I started Black Moms Blog, read our very first blog post!

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