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“Mommyhood Is My Career” Mug

11 oz ceramic white mug. Great for coffee, tea, hot and cold beverages. Sturdy and heavy. Works great for personal use and even better as a gift.

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“Mommyhood Is My Career” Mug


Mommyhood IS My Career- because being a mom, no matter if you are a stay at home mom or working three jobs to support your little ones, is a full time job. I applaud all the mommies out there making it happen!

Don’t forget how special you are.

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“I Make Humans Therefore, I Am Great” Mug


I Make Humans Therefore, I Am Great mugs are wonderful for mothers and an ideal gift! 110z ceramic white mug. Great for coffee, tea, hot and cold beverages. Sturdy and heavy.

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Hi, I’m Shanicia! I live in Atlanta, GA. I’m a fulltime mom to one pretty rambuncious little girl. I love cooking, coloring Mandalas, and reading. To find out why I started Black Moms Blog, read our very first blog post!

Hey Mama!

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Hey Mama!

Don’t Miss a Thing.

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Black Moms Blog is the exciting and savvy “New Blog on the Block”. We offer parenting tips, recipes, blog about cultural and current events, as well as highlight Black businesses and mommies who are making a splash in the business world. Black Moms Blog was created out of need. There is a drastic racial disparity in the blogging world when it comes to read more…

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