I gained twelve pounds during pregnancy. The good part in this was that it was fairly easy to lose the baby weight. What I wasn’t ready for was the few years down the line when my metabolism slowed down and I started to gain. And I couldn’t even blame it on the baby…major eye roll. For the most part, we have always lived in the city so working out is a given, especially since I don’t drive. We will walk ten miles in one day, hit the neighborhood park to swim, and the meal options include places like Kale Me Crazy and Vitality Bowl. Even still, finding the energy and motivation to work out with a child is hard work. It has to be fun, mama has to stay focused, and our little babes have to be able to keep up.

Sounds easier said than done, right? 

Atlanta is a commuter city so bike riding has increased in popularity here. Joining the healthy bandwagon, I purchased my first bike and got to work. While my daughter was in school, I would bike through the city to increase my endurance with the overall goal of being able to put her on my bike in a carrier to ride her to school. Partnering with Topeak, I received their Babyseat II. The Babyseat II is a wrap-around seat structure creates a virtual cocoon of protection and features an updated shoulder harness with a multiple height adjustment system. It has an innovative suspension system that cushions bumps and jolts and the integrated roll bar provides extra head protection and doubles as a carrying handle. There are also adjustable footrests and straps keep small feet away from spinning wheels. 

My favorite part?

It carries up to 48 pounds. Yep. That’s equivalent to a six year old. This provides perfect usage for a period of years and not just a short term buy. 

I will admit, I was a bit nervous at first putting her on the bike. I couldn’t see her because she was behind me but I made sure to put her helmet on, strap her in correctly, and we had our first day riding….and we both survived! The weight is different with the carrier on the back so I had to use extra precautions with my turns but for the most part, our ride was smooth and easy. While I haven’t built up my stamina to get her back and forth to school, I am working on it! Stay tuned…

To see Topeak’s baby carriers and accessories, you can check out their products on their website. 

Tell me mamas, how to do you stay fit with your little ones?

With love,


This post is sponsored by Topeak. All opinions expressed are my own. 

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