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  • #IMOMSOHARD: 7 Holiday Gifts To Buy At Walmart

    #IMOMSOHARD: 7 Holiday Gifts To Buy At Walmart0

    Image Courtesy: @chadflucas/ Parents: @dminter55, @tianabolden, @s2kdroo, & @lareina_beezy With the holidays right around the corner, I am sure most of you are stressing about what to buy for everyone, especially your children. With every toy commercial that comes on television comes the new craving for whatever spectacular gaming system or doll that should be

  • 4 Ways I’m Sacrificing to Save for My Son’s Future // Revised

    4 Ways I’m Sacrificing to Save for My Son’s Future // Revised0

    My oldest son will be turning 13 years old soon. We were talking the other day and he was telling me how elated he is to become a teenager and telling me the kind of party he wants to have. While he was happily telling me his plans, all I could think is: “Wow he

  • Wearing Braces As An Adult Is A Part Of My Self Care

    Wearing Braces As An Adult Is A Part Of My Self Care0

    A few years ago, a close friend of mine gave me the nicest compliment. She told me that she really appreciated my self care and how at peace I seemed to be with myself. I listened to her go through her insecurities about her appearance and how she seemed to group the fact that because


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  • Mother / Daughter DIY Vision Board

    Mother / Daughter DIY Vision Board0

    This morning we woke up and begin discussing what it means to be “inspired”. I decided to expand on the conversation and planned a mother/daughter vision board afternoon. I discussed with my daughters what it means to plan for your future, and how to visualize your goals. I wanted for them to know that the things you truly believe



  • Meet Our Moms: Ele Jane, LocLivin

    Meet Our Moms: Ele Jane, LocLivin0

      I remember being 21 years old and deciding to loc my hair. It was a journey I had been down at least four times before, each time uncoiling them because I was not ready. I remember consulting friends and family, asking them their thoughts. “Don’t do that.” “What about the “ugly” stage?” “Why do


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