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  • Five Reasons We Go To Iwi Fresh For Mommy/Daughter Dates

    Five Reasons We Go To Iwi Fresh For Mommy/Daughter Dates0

    Now that Kamryn has gotten a little older, I have started to treat her to dates. As a single woman with a daughter, it is important to me that I start showing her now not only how to take care of herself but also how she should expect to be treated by others. We do

  • I’m Teaching My Daughter To Love Herself

    I’m Teaching My Daughter To Love Herself0

    I knew I was having a boy. I remember looking at my gender reveal ultrasound and seeing the image of this wriggling fuzzy image. Nestled right below in the genital area it appeared to be a hamburger. In my mind, this equated to a very small penis and ball sack. I illegally recorded the ultrasound video from

  • A Unique Kind of Mom

    A Unique Kind of Mom0

    Taking care of yourself is something that is needed in order to be successful at taking care of others. However, try telling this to a mom who has a hectic lifestyle. Try convincing a mom who has 2 children, 1 having cerebral palsy and the other showing signs of challenges that I have yet to explore.


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