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  • Thank You Teachers!

    Thank You Teachers!0

    Monday, May 8th marked the start of National Teacher Appreciation Week 2017. In 1953, Eleanor Roosevelt persuaded congress that there should be a National Teacher Appreciation Day. Thanks to her political influence, there was (and still is) a Teacher Appreciation Day! The celebration was observed in March until 1985, but is now observed on the Tuesday of

  • Moms Don’t Deserve Breaks + Indigo 2 Ash Giveaway

    Moms Don’t Deserve Breaks + Indigo 2 Ash Giveaway0

    Being a mom is exhausting. I am saying this after the most cherished Mom appreciation day in our country. It is tiring. We are normally running on less than 5 hours of sleep. Our bodies smell like breast milk and baby throw up. And yet…even still, when you see us we will go on and

  • Mother’s Day Gift Guide + Lily Jade Bag Giveaway

    Mother’s Day Gift Guide + Lily Jade Bag Giveaway0

    For me personally, I feel that Mother’s Day should be celebrated every single day of the year. Even still, every year rolls around to that special day in May and the entire family may be left trying to figure out what it is that mom really wants. Mamas, don’t forget, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong


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