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  • Three Fun Ways to Pass Down Family History

    Three Fun Ways to Pass Down Family History0

    The first time I held a copy of my book Singing Ain’t Enough in my hand I was super excited.  On top of that, as soon as I posted a picture I began getting text messages and phone calls of people saying they couldn’t wait to order a copy of the book. As I was

  • DIY Fall Pumpkin Door Hangers

    DIY Fall Pumpkin Door Hangers0

    Anyone else feeling the “Pumpkin Spice Everything” vibe that October brings? Well, I am obsessed!! Not only am I excited about drinking pumpkin lattes and busting out my sweaters but, I love to decorate! Pumpkins, straw, acorns and leafs come to mind when considering fall décor in my house. Which is why I picked a

  • Homemade Play Dough

    Homemade Play Dough0

     I have been really busy but with this snowy weather I decided to take the time to make play dough with my girls. The great part about making it at home is that the play dough is non toxic and completely edible (although I am not vouching for the taste!). Not only did they have fun playing with it they enjoyed making

  • Mother / Daughter DIY Vision Board

    Mother / Daughter DIY Vision Board0

    This morning we woke up and begin discussing what it means to be “inspired”. I decided to expand on the conversation and planned a mother/daughter vision board afternoon. I discussed with my daughters what it means to plan for your future, and how to visualize your goals. I wanted for them to know that the things you truly believe

  • How To Do A Gender Reveal In Style Pt. 1

    How To Do A Gender Reveal In Style Pt. 10

     Gender reveal parties are certainly a newer trend. Thirty years ago my mother did not have the option of finding out her baby’s sex. We decided to have a gender reveal party rather because I love any excuse for throwing a party and we thought it would be a fun way to find out. Better to find out

  • Coloring Books Are For Rich Moms

    Coloring Books Are For Rich Moms0

    I am sure you are reading this title and laughing…or sitting there confused wondering, how broke is she? After buying coloring book after coloring book and watching Kamryn go through them in a matter of thirty minutes (she will scribble on each page and in some feeling of authority exclaim that she is finished) I


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