Story time is an essential part of our day. We read anywhere from two to three books each day and as a Black mom, sometimes I have an extremely hard time finding books that reflect who my daughter is. So I end up gravitating to animal books or books about creatures that are not human. It seems like most of the books I come across mostly just depict White children with a Black one scattered here and there. Well, I think I have officially hit my limit with reading about Elmo or the talking giraffe named Gerald. I want to see some of us reflected in those stories we flip through and memorize during nap time and before bed time. Over the past week I have began to compile a list of Black authors who write children’s books. I am aware that there are more than this but I really wanted to highlight the small businesses that were putting in the work to make a name for themselves. If you have more to add to the list, please comment below and I will update the list in the future.


11 Black Authors You Should Know

1. Ngozi’s Little Brown Princess Tea Party

by Asiyah Muhsin-Thomas and Salaam Waajid Thomas

Instagram: @royalbrowngirlbooks

2. Sierra and Chad’s Stone Adventures

by Amber Payton and Ariel Harris

Instagram: @gardenstinc

3. Happy Hair

by Mechel Renee Roe

Instagram: @happyhairgirls


4. The Family Jones and The Eggs of Rex

by J. L. Cheatham II

Instagram: @bigjlcheatham2

5. Princess Halima and The Kingdom of Affia

by Lucy, Anna, YaAdam, & Jainaba Fye

Instagram: @princesshalima_of_affia

6. The Adventures of Frankie Fitness Introducing Ginger

by Jason Williams. Illustrated by Ryan Battle

Instagram: @frankie_fitness

7. Nathan’s Daily Affirmation Saves The Day

by Nathan Roberts Jr.

Instagram: @nathansaffirmation

8. Kori Faces Weekend Fun Series

by Designer Discipline

Instagram: @designerdiscipline

9. Aoka Books

by Alicia Norman

Instagram: @aokabooks

10. I Am Loving Me Series

by Angelot Ndongmo

Instagram: @angelotndongmo

11. I Love Me Book Series

by Julie R. Davis

Instagram: @ilovemebookseries

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